The Tao

lt´s a trick of the light,
it’s a flicker of delight.
Some tricks - I am to know!
It will ever stay - the Tao.
It brings light into night,
it is to be seen at bright daylight.
I will always be it’s knight,
that is - to be alive alight.

As I'm a son to the sun,
borne from mother earth’s dawn,
I will kiss her alive,
when I´ll find my wife.
To live my life
is every days jive.

"Let’s have a drive
to some woman’s door,
Give her your life,
she’ll be Côte d´Or."

Just built a city on rock´n roll,
seen all those girls like baby doll,
but now the woman is on the call,
I´ll root myself - I do stand tall.

"Stand fast and listen to the lovely call.
From loneliness to happiness
there is tension in it at all."

I´ll build my home.
Me - I am welcome to the pleasure dome.
Able to live on both sides,
going to and coming from,
me - I am a lucky one.

"And coming from and going to -
remember, what you’ve got to do!
Remember, that your name is 'homme',
you are a brother to the sun!"

´cause we are lovers on our way,
just let us sing the ancient prayer -
to Mother Earth and Father Sun,
to Sister Night and Brother Day.

Tension to praise, to worship rest,
I will do my very best.

You, open hands reaching out in time,
as I take yours, I´ll give you mine.

Doing the yoga, resting in time,
companion body is answering fine.

And Holy Spirit Father Ghost,
for you I´ll do the uttermost.

Sending you pictures,
that I have borne,
telling you stories
of life so torn.
Don' t cast a spell,
I do not mourn.
Have a look at me,
touching tenderly.
I tell you
that life is happy to be

I teach the pictures
I’ve sown and seen.
I do tell rhymes
of life in time.
I do you call -
beloved, my soul.
I look for you,
I care for you,
for happy I am
to be with you

the Tao

Klaus Gölker   ©2000

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